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Sanitary Diaphragm Valves


Our range of sanitary diaphragm valves is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of industry standards including those set-forth in BPE. All Bio-Rx and Bio-Guard bodies are forged in 316L grade stainless steel in accordance with ASTM A182 S9 specifications, providing the highest degree of integrity, strength, sur-face finish, and levels of purity. Distinctive features clearly provide an added benefit for the user and raises the bar in setting a higher industry standard.

° Uniform wall thickness allows for porting in any orientation
° Broader weir profile minimizes diaphragm deformation
° Integral end-connections allow maximum cutback to facilitate orbital welding and system integrity
° Low sulphur content improves welding integrity
° Low ferrite content eliminates concerns for contamination or rouging
° Complete material traceability to support validation
° Comprehensive marking to BPE, identifies heat numbers, drain angles, surface finish code, size







Where life, performance, and reliability are essential to the success of your product and process, our diaphragm, developed and manufactured utilizing the most advanced compounding and molding techniques, provides the desired assurances cost effectively. An extensive range of approved elastomer and flouropolymer products address and resolve the performance criteria related to your specific applications.

° Molded open design to enhance CV values
° Optimally reinforced to provide higher pressure rating
° FDA and USP 23 Class VI compliant
° Fully traceable
° Threaded stud connection ( elastomer diaphragms ) and bayonet connection ( PTFE diaphragms )




Our compact pneumatic actuator is designed for simplicity and dependability. Molded from a high-performance polymer to withstand the rigors of cleaning and sterilization temperatures, its robust structure ensures long service life and economical operations. With many features, including the capability of in-line retrofitting, our actuator sits at the forefront of valve automation.

° Compact and lightweight eliminating the need for additional supports
° Fully sealed against migrating contaminants
° Visual Indicator identifies valve position
° Autoclavable
° Wide range of accessories




To maintain the cutting-edge in diaphragm valve technology, we offer innovative designs and creative solutions to improve system efficiencies and cost effectiveness. Our extensive range of customized specialty products, some of which are of patented design, are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and are subject to the most stringent testing procedures. All block configurations are machined from low ferrite wrought 316L grade stainless steel, in accordance with ASTM A240 specifications, providing structural integrity with minimal reliance on weld areas.

Sterile Access Valve
° Optimizes steam sterilization, purging or condensate drainage requirements
° Convenient porting options on valve sizes 1/2” to 3.00”
° Buttweld or clamp end tube fittings are polished as a standard offering
° Minimal deadleg construction

Tee Pattern Valve
° Block configuration BPE conforming
° Eliminates deadleg areas
° Optional sample port available
° 1/4” to 2.00” main valve by 4” header (maximum)
° Variety of end connections available

Close-coupled Branch Valve
° Block configuration BPE conforming
° Eliminates deadleg areas
° Optional sample port available
° Available from 1/2” to 4.00” main line by up to 3.00” drain
° Variety of end connections available

Point-of-Use Valve
° Block configuration BPE conforming
° Patented design eliminates deadleg areas
° Optional sample port available
° Available from 1/2” to 4.00” main line by up to 3.00” drain
° Variety of end connections available

Divert Valve
° Block configuration
° Patented design eliminates deadleg area
° Precision machining provides for enhancement of cleaning and drainability
° Available up to five way configuration from size 1/2” to 2.00”
° Variety of end connections available
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