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Basics of Stainless Steel Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Flanges

Purpose: Pipe, valves & fittings are used for processing, transporting and storage of fluids, gasses and slurries.

Uses: Found in nearly every house, office building, factory, petrochemical & chemical plant refinery, process industry, brewery, food processing, marine, power generation, sewage & water treatment, pulp & paper mills, etc.


Definitions of Piping Products

Pipe: A hollow tube whose primary function is to transport material.
Meets specific published size standards.
Tubing: All other tubular product sizes not shown on the standard pipe schedule.
Fittings: Connections for joining pipe, changing directions, reducing size of lines, closing lines, draining lines.
Flanges: Steel ring designed to join two sections of a piping system by bolting (to a vessel, pump, valve, fitting or pipe sections).

Valves: Mechanism to control fluid handling system.
1. Starting & stopping flow (gate, ball, plug, butterfly)
2. Regulating flow or throttling (globe, butterfly)
3. Prevent back flow (check valves)
4. Relieving & regulating pressure (relief valve)


Definition of Stainless:

Stainless Steel: A family of alloys that show marked resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. (300 series contain high chrome & nickel).


Material Test Reports (MTR's)

Because stainless piping is often used in corrosive piping and in critical applications it is mandatory for manufacturers to certify the chemical composition and physical capabilities of these products and the material grade or alloy must be permanently marked (or cast or forged) on each piece.

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