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• Flange Sizes
• Clamps & Seals
• Flanges
• Full Nipple
• Elbows
• Tee
• Cross
• Reducer
• Flexible Coupling


Welding of Assemblies
Welding should be performed by an experienced welder using the GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) process. Bored flanges are designed for assembly by internal fusion welding without the use of filler material. Tacking is advisable. Use of a weld rotator helps maintain uniform heat input over the entire length of the weld, thus reducing the possibility of warping the flange face. Use of an inert atmosphere on the opposite side of the weld prevents oxidation from occurring in the weld zone.

Oxides may be removed by wire brushing while the joint is still warm. Only use brushes made from stainless steel. Carbon brushes will leave iron particles inbedded in the surface, providing sites for corrosion to begin.

Protection of Seal Surfaces
Flanges are packaged to prevent damage to the seal surface during shipment. Excercise care when storing or using these flanges, to prevent damage to the seal surface.
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