Flange Pacs - Screws, Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Gaskets
Robert-James Sales, Inc.
Robert-James Sales, Inc.
Flange Pacs

Screws, Studs and Bolts


A193 B16, L7, & B7m
Al 93 B7 Studs & Hex Bolts
Al 93 B8 304 Stainless Studs & Hex Bolts
Al 93 B8m 316 Stainless Studs & Hex Bolts
Al 94 B7, B8, B8m, 1316 Teflon Coated Studs
A242 & 304SS Modified Corten T-Bolts
A307a Grade 2 Hex Bolts
A307B Grade B Heavy Head Hex Bolts
A325 Structural Hex Bolts
A325, A36, Brass, Monel, & Silicon Bronze Studs
A354 Grade 8 Hex Bolts
A449 Grade 5 Hex Bolts
All Thread - B7, B16, A36, 304SS, 316SS, B8, & B8m
Anchor J Bolts
Carriage Bolts
Expansion Bolts
Eye Bolts & Tie "Pig Tail" Pipe Restraint Bolts
Hex Lag Screws
Lag Bolt Shields
Pins - Cotter, Clevis, Roll, Wall Anchors
Screws - Tapping, Counter Sunk, Wood, & Drive
Set Screws Socket & Square
Stainless Steel 304 & 316 Hex Bolts & Studs
Wedge Anchors


Gaskets of any Material Cut - Type "E" & "F"
Single & Double Washers Sets
Tubing - Polyethylene, Phenolic, & Mylar
Washers - Phenolic, Compressed Fiber,
& Zinc Carbon Steel


Standard Bolt & Gasket Sets
Flange Insulation Sets With or Without Bolts
Wall Flange Sets
Lug, Wafer, & Semi-Lug Butterfly Bolt Sets
Stud & Gasket Sets in any Combination



Al 94 Grade 2H Heavy Hex Nuts
A194 Grade 7 Heavy Hex Nuts
Al 94 Grade 8 & B8m Stainless Steel Hex Nuts
A354 Grade 8 Heavy & Finished Hex Nuts
A449 Grade 5 Heavy & Finished Hex Nuts
A563 Grade 2 Finished & Heavy Hex Nuts
Corten Heavy Hex Nuts
Jam Nuts
Nylon Lock Nuts
Square Nuts
Stover Lock Nuts


Hot Dipped Galvanized
Zinc Electroplated Blue & Yellow


GasketsCompressed Fiber
USS & SAE - All Finishes & Metals


Blue Gard - All Styles
Buna Nitrile
Compressed Fiber - All Styles
EPDM -All Styles
Expanded Teflon All Styles
Garlock - All Styles
Graphoil - All Styles
Heat Exchange
Klinger - All Styles
Neoprene - All Styles
Nitrile FDA Approved White
Non-Asbestos - All Styles
Phenolic - All Styles
RTJ Ring Joints - All Styles
Rubber - All Styles
Spiral Wound Flex Gaskets - All Styles
Teflon - All Styles
Viton - All Styles

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