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Butterfly Valves

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Butterfly Valves

Wafer Style
Full Lug Style
Semi-Lug Style
Grooved End
Dimensions (2"-12")
Dimensions (14"-24")
Elastomer Guide


Suitable for:
* Excellent resistance to petroleum products.
* Water.
* Generally resistant to many hydrocarbons. fats, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids. ethylene glycol and chemicals.

Not Suitable for:
* Acetone, ketones. strong acids. ozone, brake fluid, phosphates, esters. carbon tetrachloride, trichoethylene and phosphate ester hydraulic fluid.

Temperature Range:
0 °F to 200 °F Continuous
0 °F to 225 °F Intermittent


Suitable for:
* Excellent resistance to low pressure steam (30 PSI max), hot and cold water.
* Generally resistant to animal and vegetable oils, ozone, strong and oxidizing chemicals.
* Phosphate ester hydraulic fluid. Good for dilute acids (ph 5-7) and alkalies, brake fluid and ketones (MEK acetone).

Not Suitable for:
* Petroleum, oils, Di-ester based lubricants, aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, solvents.

Temperature Range:
-40 °F to 275 °F Continuous
-40 °F to 300 °F Intermittent


Suitable for:
* Excellent resistance to moderate chemicals, acids, ozone, fats, greases and solvents.

Not Suitable for:
*Strong oxidizing acids, esters, ketones, chlorinated, aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons. Not recommended for steam service.

Temperature Range:
-40 °F to 250 °F Continuous
-40 °F to 275 °F Intermittent


Suitable for:
* Excellent for resistance to chemicals at elevated temperatures including aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, animal and vegetable oils and ozone.
* Good for most gasoline, fuel, solvents, petroleum, oils and ozone.

Not Suitable for:
* Steam, ketones, hot hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous ammonia, low molecular weight esters and nitro containing compounds.

Temperature range for phenolic (2" - 12")
0 °F to 275 °F Continuous
0 °F to 300-325 °F Intermittent

Temperature Range for 14" - 24"
0 °F to 400 °F Continuous
0 °F to 500 °F Intermittent


Suitable for:
* Excellent resistance to high temperature. oils. acids. solvents, arid most chemicals.

Not Suitable for:
* Fuming acids. gases or cryogenic service.

Temperature Range:
-10 °F to 250 °F Continuous
-10 °F to 275 °F Intermittent


Suitable for:
* Generally resistant to moderate chemicals and acids, ozone, oils, fats, greases, and solvents.

Not Suitable for:
* Strong oxidizing acids, esters, ketones, chlorinated, aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons.

Temperature Range:
60 °F to 200 °F Continuous
60 °F to 225 °F Intermittent

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