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Butterfly Valves

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Butterfly Valves

Wafer Style
Full Lug Style
Semi-Lug Style
Grooved End
Dimensions (2"-12")
Dimensions (14"-24")
Elastomer Guide

Superior design and construction of a 200 PSI-WOG (2" - 12") or 150 PSI-WOG (14" - 24") rated butterfly valve will assure years of dependable performance. The advanced design of the dual-durometer phenolic reinforced resilient seat provides a low torque, bubble-tight shutoff.

Designed for ANSI 125/150 lb. class flanges, these valves comply with MSS-SP-25, MSS-SP-67 and API-609 specifications. Also meets requirements of MIL-V-22133C (SHIPS), Type 1. Classes A-D.


  • Cast in-place mounting flange accommodates all types of operators: manual handles and gear operators; pneumatic, hydraulic, diaphragm and electric actuators.
  • Bronze stem bushings are oil impregnated to provide minimum torque and maximum stem support. Heavy duty upper bushing absorbs side loading for maximum operator performance.
  • Each valve hydrostatically tested on both sides to 225 PSI for 2" - 12", 165 PSI for 14" - 24".
  • 10" and 12" wafer types have drilled guide lugs.
  • All full lug bodies are threaded. Drilled holes optional at no extra cost.
  • Long neck design allows ample clearance for insulation.
  • Dual stem seal is between disc and seat spherical hubs (Patent 3565394), additional seal from seat O-ring.
  • Streamlined disc design reduces pressure drop and minimizes turbulence.
  • Resilient seat design eliminates the need for flange gaskets.
  • Phenolic reinforced resilient seat in sizes 2' - 12" is blowout-proof, stretch resistant and non-collapsible, making it ideal for high velocity or vacuum service (up to 28" Hg).
  • Two-piece blowout proof stem design allows field replacement of seats.
  • Twin O-ring seals combined with the primary seal provide triple protection against line medium infiltrating stem journal or atmospheric contamination from entering line,
  • Pressure/temperature rating of ANSI 150, at CWP of 285 PSI at 100 degrees F. Available upon application.
  • Halar and Kynar coated discs available.
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